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What is Computer Deployment?

Once a computer system has been manufactured and is in it’s box, it is ready to be deployed.
Computer deployment consist of all the IT Services required to make a computer system or component ready for use. Generally, the deployment process consists of a number of interrelated activities with potential transitions in between each activity. Customer requirements dictate the design of the deployment.

HSC Global Ventures is an expert in Computer Deployment, We experienced in handling Mass Deployment project in various line of industries. From Insurance, Banking, Medical industry and also manufacturing industry.
Different industries might have different environment and challenges. We would cater all kind of environment and we will ensure, the PC Installation will be done according to clients needs and requirement.

Why use Computer Deployment services?

Computers or related devices may not be ready to operate when purchased.
That it will require multiple software and hardware installations. These tasks may include:

  • Removing equipment from its box & Plugging it in
  • Connecting the accessories & Connecting to the network
  • Installing the operating system & Installing software
  • Creating profiles, Configuring the settings & Turning it on



How we make it work?

The introduction of new computers and related technology can be time-consuming and confusing. As an IT Service Provider, we can set up computer equipment efficiently, to your specifications and oversee the entire deployment. We can create an image which will allow us to install and setup the software for multiple computers simultaneously, rather than manually installing software programs to individual computers, one at a time. This gives us the capability to set up hundreds of computers in a single day.

At HSC Global Ventures, Our Field Engineer are well trained and always prepared when onsite. We are very commited to deliver our work and we always concern on customer requirement and dateline! How we make it happenned?
We always utilizing the hybrid method. [ human + automation!].

Most of Mass deployment project, we will implement it by using an Imaging Software.
Our best records so far 256 units within 12 hours with 5 Field Engineer manpower.

You have an upcoming deployment project? We might be able to help you!

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